Distinguished Citizen’s Dinner

Join us Thursday, November 5, 2020 for a fun, casual celebration recognizing our 2020 Distinguished Citizens-

Jon and Phillis Van Boening

Proceeds to benefit Scouting for All Community Growth Project, bringing Scouting to underserved areas in partnership with local schools, churches, civic groups, and law enforcement agencies. Funds will provide necessary resources and support to start new Scouting groups in these communities nd provide greater opportunities for families to participate.

Sponsorship Levels:
  • Eagle Scout Sponsor- $10,000
    • Sponsor two tables of eight people
    • Full page ad in program
    • Two premium bottles of wine per table
  • Life Scout Sponsor- $5,000
    •  Sponsor one table of ten people
    • Half page ad in program
  • Star Scout Sponsor- $2,500
    • Sponsor one table of eight people
    • Quarter page ad in program
  • 1st Class Scout Sponsor- $2,000
    • Sponsor one table of six people
    • Listing in program
  • Individual Ticket- $150

2020 Invite


DCD Sponsorship


The Distinguished Citizen’s Dinner (DCD) recognizes community leaders who exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their everyday lives, in their workplace, and in their sphere of influence. This list of honorees are a distinguished group and include the following:


2020: Jon and Phillis Van Boening

2019: Gene and Linda Voiland

2018: Msgr. Craig Harrison

2017: Mikie Hay

2016: Dr. Thomas and Pauline Larwood

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