Friends of Scouting

You hear about FOS (Friends of Scouting) all the time- ever wonder what it is? No need to wonder much longer

Did you know that the Boy Scouts of America does NOT provide financial assistance to individual councils? Moreover, the government does NOT provide financial assistance either.

Councils, just like a unit, are under their own charter and must raise the funds they need to keep going.

Every time you purchase a handbook, buy some popcorn, or donate a few dollars to the Friends of Scouting campaign, you are directly supporting the Southern Sierra Council and the over 3,000 registered Scouters within our borders. On their behalf, and ours, we thank you!!



NEW for 2022…the Badger Troop

The Badger Troop is the Southern Sierra Council’s recurring gift club.  

By contributing $20 or more per month through your credit or debit card you will help provide a steady stream of support to the Council.  Recurring gifts are convenient.  Over the course of the year, your small monthly donation becomes a significant contribution to making Scouting happen locally.

The first 100 members receive the special “charter member” patch.

To join the Badger Troop, click here.

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