Potato Booth

Free Parking – Free Admission – Free Drinks – Free Potato

The Kern County Fair is coming up soon and now is a perfect time to reserve your shifts at the Boy Scout Baked Potato Booth! Help out by prepping, baking, & selling our famous baked potatoes and yams! We are open every day of the Fair and have multiple shifts to choose from. Be sure to bring a hat and enjoy a potato at the end of your shift! Get free parking and admission to the fair when you work a 3-hour shift.


What will I do at the Potato Booth?


It takes quite a few people to keep the potatoes coming at the Potato Booth. Take a look at the job list below to see what’s in store when you volunteer your time! 

Potato Washer and Wrapper (2 people)

Scrub up the one pound potatoes and wrap ’em in foil to get ready for the oven.


Potato Prep (1 person)

Take the potatoes out of the cooler, put ’em in trays, smash ’em and slice ’em down the middle to prep for the Potato Makers.

Potato Maker (2 people)

This is where the magic happens! Grab a potato from the Smasher, open it up and pile on the toppings! Slide it out the window to the Order Takers for delivery.


Front End Helper (2 people)

Give a big Scout smile to the folks waiting in line, take their order and call it back to the Potato Makers. Make sure your Cashier and Beverage Dispenser can hear the order as well to keep the line on the move! 


Drink Maker (2 people)

Prepare drinks for our customers! Large or small, pack the cup with ice and the beverage of their choice. Don’t forget the lid and straw!  


Kitchen Assistant (1 person)

Chop chop chop! Everything in the potato booth is absolutely fresh, and we need an expert assistant to chop up cilantro, onions, and mix up our special chile verde recipe! 


 Be Prepared

Here are some tips to get ready for your shift(s) at the fair:

The Baked Potato Booth is located right near the main entrance, just come in the front gate on P Street and hang a right, it’s the “Scout Green” building that says BAKED POTATO on it.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your shift. This allows time to go over worker positions and switch out our volunteers.

Be ready to have fun serving up the spuds!

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